Planning a Strategy

Over the past week we at IAC have been looking into possible galleries to host our first event, as well as charities to support for the first string of events we will be having this year. We have been wandering around Philadelphia to find the ideal gallery space, and we have a few that we are keeping in mind for our charity art auctions in a few months. We will let you know when we have a set date for our first art auction, and what charities we will be supporting for that event. We have also redesigned our logo, so its a bit more professional looking.

IAC logo

Even though things are quite vague at the moment as to what we are planning in the coming months, IAC does have a plan of action for our first three events this year. Our first art auction (date and location to be announced, although we hope it will be in late spring), will be supporting a local children’s charity. We would normally be supporting two different charities for our first art auction, but we would like to see how our first event plays out before committing to two non profits. We are not sure at this time what children’s charity we will be supporting, but we will continue to research local children’s charities in the Philadelphia area to find the right one for us. If you have a suggestion of a children’s charity that we should support in the Greater Philadelphia Area, please contact us via email.

Our second event, which we hope to hold sometime in the summer, will be for the local charity Women’s Way, which prevents sex trafficking in the Philadelphia Area, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which raises money for Breast Cancer awareness and gives 89% of their profits to the cause. It has also been named as one of Marie Claire’s 10 Best Charities for Women, and unlike their Komen counterparts, they donate every 91 cents they are given to research and awareness. We are also hoping our second art auction to showcase a selection of women artists from Philadelphia, as well as a few men willing to donate for the cause.

Our third event (which will happen sometime in the fall and hopefully will not be our last one of the year) will be supporting an arts charity in Philadelphia and the US. Again, we are still deciding on the exact charities we will be giving to, but we have more leeway with this event than with the others because it is so far off. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what charities we should donate to, please contact us via email.

We are working hard to make this a professional gallery exhibition, and will let you know once we finally set a date on our first event. As well as when we will be looking for submissions from artists. In the mean time, please like us on Facebook. The more followers we have the bigger our reach, and the more difference we can make in the community.


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