Independent Artists for Charity is a Philadelphia based not-for-profit dedicated to helping artists of all types display their work to the public, while simultaneously raising money for various charities. Independent Artists for Charity helps the more creative side of our society raise money for the less fortunate at home and abroad, and raises awareness of what amazing artists we have in our community by having an art auction for different causes. Philadelphia has an amazing artistic community that is just waiting to show their hard work in a gallery space, and we want to help their art be seen by the public. Independent artists are often overlooked by galleries and exhibitions, and IAC gives them the push they need to get their artwork and style known to the public. And all funds raised at every event we have will go directly to the charity (or charities) we will be supporting. IAC will not be keeping any money raised at our events. We hope to better the community in Philadelphia and abroad, and the best way to do that is by giving as much as possible to those in need.

We choose a minimum of two charities to support for each event (one local and one national/international), and the charities differ for each fundraiser. Each art auction charity event, we will give the artists the choice of which charity they would like the money raised by their artwork to go to. We plan to give all of the money we have raised to the specific charities the artists have selected for each event. By the end of the year, we at IAC plan to raise money for cancer research, disorder awareness, children’s foundations, and developing third world countries.

(Our first event on April 4 at Locust Moon Comics will only be supporting one charity. We hope after hosting our first charity event to gain a steady group of fans and artists before our second event in the later summer, which will be supporting two different charities).

Independent Artists for Charity was founded by Caroline Boyd in January 2013. Caroline graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Digital Video in 2011, and worked as a video intern for the non-profit Project Twenty1 (that runs the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival at the International House every year) from May 2011 to May 2012. She has been passionate about art no matter what the medium since she began drawing at the age of three, and her passion has only intensified with age. Caroline also worked as the Media Director for Philly Draw a Thon in June 2012, which involved directing, shooting, and editing all promotional videos, as well as running the website and maintaining a social media presence on Facebook. She is currently Production Manager on the webseries Nerd Vs Geek, and Co-Owner of Zimbo Films with Robert Curry.


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