Calling all artists!

We are now taking submissions for the first Independent Artists for Charity event at Locust Moon Comics on April 4th! If you would like a chance to show your work in a gallery and help to raise money for a good cause, please submit your artwork to us. We will accept all styles of artwork, from abstract to sculpture, from illustration to printmaking. Any artist can submit a maximum of five pieces of artwork per event. While submitting you can send pictures of more than five pieces of artwork, but please know (just to be fair for everyone) only five will be accepted into the show per artist.  All submissions must in be original, complete works of art. The artwork can be in any medium (except media related), and you must email us at with a picture of or link to the work(s) that you plan to submit one week prior to the event (deadline to submit is March 28th).We WILL NOT be accepting walk ins with artwork. You must contact us via email one week before the event if you are planning to submit. 

If an artist sells their work at our event, they will receive a percentage no less than 40% of the original asking price. The rest will be given to the charity we will be supporting at the event, Jumpstart. Independent Artists for Charity is not taking any of the money that is made from artists’ work for our own benefit or to fund future events. Locust Moon will also not be taking a gallery commission for any artwork sold at this event.

Please note that once your work has been accepted, you will be required to frame your work for the gallery show and sign a waiver giving IAC permission to show your work at Locust Moon Comics. Framed artwork tends to sell better in a gallery, and makes you look more professional as an artist. Your adjusted price for your artwork may include the frame. All approved framed artwork will be delivered to Caroline Boyd by April 3rd (delivery of said artwork will be discussed via email). 

If you have any other questions please contact us via Facebook or email.



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