Independent Artists for Charity accepts all different types of visual artists submissions for our program: from illustrators to printmakers to photographers to sculptors. We don’t discriminate against the style of art either, be it abstract, modernistic, digital, linear, landscape, nude, or otherwise. Art is art, no matter what the medium. Sadly because we have just been founded and have little funds, we will not be accepting media related projects at this time. But we hope to support media projects in the near future. We at IAC only ask that no matter what you submit to us, please make sure it is a completed, original piece of art. If a piece does not look finished, it will not be accepted. 

Any artist can submit a maximum of five pieces to be shown per event, and for any event of their choosing. We give the artists this option because we will be supporting one local charity to the Philadelphia area and one national or international charity per event, so artists can choose which charities to support. (Our first event is on April 4th at Locust Moon Comics in West Philadelphia, and we will be supporting one charity for that event, just because it’s our first).

If you wish to submit artwork for an event, email us at Please state your name, what kind of artwork you create, what event you would like to submit to, how many pieces you will be submitting, (and if you have a website or tumblr), links to what pieces you plan to submit. They must be approved by our director as finished pieces of art before you are accepted into our event. Artists must sign up at least one week in advance of the event via email. If you do not email us ahead of time with what pieces of art you plan to submit for our event, you will not be accepted. We DO NOT accept walk ins with artwork.

Independent Artists for Charity humbly asks that you matte and/or frame all two dimensional pieces of art that you are submitting, unless they are too big to do so (larger than 24 x 36) or a sculpture. If a piece is not matted or framed and it is brought in to be submitted, it will not be accepted. Professionally displayed artwork reflects well on the artist, and tends to sell better in galleries than those pieces just hung on a wall.

Artists may also choose what charity their submission will raise money for. As we will be supporting two charities per event, artists may decide what event to submit to, and if and when their artwork sells, what charity they will be raising money for. If a piece of art does not sell, we will of course be giving the artwork back to the artists, and you are welcome to submit it again for a future event. A calendar will be up shortly with what events will be supporting certain charities.


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