We have a date and location for our first event!

We have been testing the waters with various galleries in the Philadelphia area to decide where our first ever charity event will be, and what children’s charity we will be supporting for our first event. We’re delighted to say we’ve narrowed down a date and location. For our first event on April 4, 2013 we will be having it at the West Philly comic shop Locust Moon (time to be announced).

Locust Moon Comics has been operating in West Philadelphia on 34 S. 40th Street since 2009, selling comics, renting sci-fi/fantasy movies, and hosting art events for the local community. They are just one of the too few comic book shops in the Philadelphia area alone, and the only one located in West Philadelphia. A little less than a year ago they had a makeover done on their entire store, adding a gallery space, small press, and reading area. Now they are a thriving comic book shop and gallery that hosts many events with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and other illustrators in the area and from around the world. Locust Moon also promotes comics drawn by local illustrators and sell them in their store. They even hold First Friday events every month, and Drink and Draws on Thursday nights. It’s a fitting place for our first charity event.

Now that we have a date and location for our first event, we will be taking artist submissions as of today. Please refer to our submissions page on how to submit to our charity event. If you have any further questions or would like to get involved in some way, please email us at indieartistsforcharity@gmail.com.