Street Art To Combat Street Harassment Faced By Women

Street Art To Combat Street Harassment Faced By Women.

A very compelling article about an street artist fighting sexual harassment on the streets with her artwork. A bigger percentage of women than I would like to admit (myself included) are submitted to sexual harassment by men asking them to smile on the street, or calling them baby, sweetheart, while they are traveling from point A to B. It’s not flattering, it’s not cute, it leaves women with a bad taste in their mouths.


We have a date and location for our first event!

We have been testing the waters with various galleries in the Philadelphia area to decide where our first ever charity event will be, and what children’s charity we will be supporting for our first event. We’re delighted to say we’ve narrowed down a date and location. For our first event on April 4, 2013 we will be having it at the West Philly comic shop Locust Moon (time to be announced).

Locust Moon Comics has been operating in West Philadelphia on 34 S. 40th Street since 2009, selling comics, renting sci-fi/fantasy movies, and hosting art events for the local community. They are just one of the too few comic book shops in the Philadelphia area alone, and the only one located in West Philadelphia. A little less than a year ago they had a makeover done on their entire store, adding a gallery space, small press, and reading area. Now they are a thriving comic book shop and gallery that hosts many events with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and other illustrators in the area and from around the world. Locust Moon also promotes comics drawn by local illustrators and sell them in their store. They even hold First Friday events every month, and Drink and Draws on Thursday nights. It’s a fitting place for our first charity event.

Now that we have a date and location for our first event, we will be taking artist submissions as of today. Please refer to our submissions page on how to submit to our charity event. If you have any further questions or would like to get involved in some way, please email us at

First Friday, or as it’s now called, First Weekend

The beloved pastime of First Friday in Old City Philadelphia is now extending itself to become First Weekend. Gallery hopping on the first Friday of every month will still happen, but now Saturdays in Old City will be filled with activities such as the Flower Show Scavenger Hunt, (inspired by the Philadelphia Flower Show on March 10), which begins at 11am tomorrow. There are also a few select galleries that will be holding special events tonight, such as First Friday Weekends Old City (Part of the Old City Arts Association) is having an opening reception for First Friday at 301 N. 3rd Street. Bluestone Art Gallery at 142 N. 2nd Street also has a fresh exhibit to check out. And of course, if you’ve never experienced First Friday, just head up 2nd street past Market and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Who can say no to wine, art, and people watching? If you’re busy tonight, here are a list of locations that are participating tomorrow for the Flower Scavenger Hunt, and the prizes you can win if you find the missing flower(s).

Arden Theatre Company — 40 N 2nd St.
ITEM: Name the flower that was in the title of the Arden’s musical last spring
PRIZE: First three correct answers given to the Box Office will receive 2 tickets to the Arden show of their choice. All correct answers will receive a piece of seeded paper they can actually plant to become flowers!

The Betsy Ross House — 239 Arch St.
ITEM: Lily of the Valley
PRIZE: Buy One Get One Free Admission

The Center for Art in Wood — 141 N 3rd St.
ITEMS: Flower Bracelet in museum store / Ron Fleming’s Cerus, Frank Knox’s The Wood Rose, Flower Turnings, and Vase with Flowers all in the museum collection gallery
1ST PRIZE: 3 free books and 20% Off One Reg priced item.
2ND PRIZE: 3 free books and 10% Off One Reg priced item.
3RD PRIZE: 3 free books.

More Than Old — 144–146 N 3rd St.
ITEM: Lily
1ST PRIZE: 20% off next purchase coupon.
2ND & 3RD PRIZE: Merchandise gift.

Old City T-Shirts — 233 Church St.
ITEM: Flower arrangement printed on a white t-shirt.
1ST, 2ND, & 3RD PRIZE: Philadelphia designed T-Shirt

3rd Street Gallery on Second Street
58 N. 2nd St.
ITEM: “High Spirited”
1ST PRIZE: $10 off a selected framed work in Members Gallery.
2ND PRIZE: $5 off a selected unframed work in Members Gallery

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar — 10 S. 2nd St. 
ITEM: Travel to Old Havana where our staff will be adorning themselves with this edible kind of flower.
1ST PRIZE: $50 gift certificate.
2ND PRIZE: $25 gift certificate.
3RD PRIZE: $15 gift certificate.
All correct answers will receive a free dessert with purchase of entrée.

Snyderman-Works Galleries — 303 Cherry St.
ITEM: Placement on Norma Minkowitz’ fiber sculpture (figure)
Prize: Nice mug

Humphrys Flag Company — 238 Arch St.
ITEM: Narcissi in Blue
1ST PRIZE: Narcissi in Blue, 24 x 16 in.
2ND PRIZE: Narcissi in Blue, 18 x 12 in.
3RD PRIZE: Narcissi in Blue, 12 x 8 in.
All correct answers win a 4 x 6 in. USA flag!

Scarlett Alley — 241 Race St.
ITEM: Forget-me-not
1ST PRIZE: 25% off coupon & candy bar.
2ND PRIZE: 20% off coupon & candy bar.
3RD PRIZE: 15% off coupon & candy bar.

Three Sirens Boutique — 134 N 3rd St.
ITEM: Daisy
1ST PRIZE: $25.00 Gift Certificate.
2ND PRIZE: 20% Off One Reg priced item.
3RD PRIZE: 10% Off One Reg priced item

Wexler Gallery — 201 N. 3rd St.
ITEM: Portraits of Post Industrial Americans: Large Bouquet (Flower bouquet made from brass screws, brass and bronze)*
PRIZE: 15% discount

And on Sunday some galleries and shops will be giving discounts to people who had brunch in an Old City restaurant. Sadly I don’t have a list on participating venues at this time, but check it out anyway. Have a great weekend!

Retrofit Comics One Year Anniversary

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being photographer and videographer for a one year anniversary of Retrofit comics, an independent group of illustrators who created a slew of comics and pieces for a gallery showing at Locust Moon Comics in West Philadelphia. These independent artists gathered together to promote their own work in comics and add to the Philadelphia art scene. Locust Moon even sells some of the Retrofit comics in their store. Here are a few pictures I took from that evening.

-Caroline Boyd

Welcome to IAC!

Welcome to Independent Artists for Charity’s official website! IAC is run by artists in the Philadelphia community that want to give back to those less fortunate, and to help fellow independent artists get their work seen by the public in a gallery setting. We understand it is difficult when artists are first starting out be noticed for their work. So we at Independent Artists for Charity have taken it upon ourselves to help those independent creators get their work shown in a professional gallery, while raising money for various charities. Each event will function like an art auction and will sponsor two charities, one local and one national/international. After artists submit their artwork, they will have the option on what event their submission will be shown at, and once their artwork is sold, what charity they will be supporting (or if they will be supporting both). Any unsold artwork will be returned to the artist, and may be submitted again for a future event.

At this time we do not have any events planned, but please keep checking back for updates. We hope to have gallery events in the late spring, summer, and fall, all for different charities.

We help the creative help the world, and would love for you to be a part of it.