We have a charity to support for our first event: Jumpstart

We at IAC have been searching for a children’s charity to support for our first event on April 4, and I’m happy to say we finally found one. Independent Artists for Charity will be supporting Jumpstart for our first event. Jumpstart is a national organization with locations in every major US city. They train college students and Corps members to serve pre-school children from low income neighborhoods and teach them language and literary skills so they may get a jump start on their education. They are also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Jumpstart has recently been in the limelight through Ben and Jerry’s with their new Greek Frozen Yogurt, Liz Lemon (a 30 Rock flavor). All royalties that Tina Fey receives from the flavor will be given to the national organization of Jumpstart, but sadly that money doesn’t always trickle down to all the cities Jumpstart is located in. The Philadelphia branch of Jumpstart is located at Temple University, and all the money we raise will go straight back into the Philadelphia community. Everyone should have a fair chance at a decent education, and Jumpstart gives these kids an opportunity for a better life. All proceeds from our event on April 4 will be going straight to Jumpstart, whether you buy a piece of artwork or just give a donation. So come on out and help us give some kids a brighter future.

You can check out Jumpstart’s website at jstart.org


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